The Loss of a Hero

On Friday October 26h, 2012, Dr. John Upledger age 80 passed peacefully away at his home in Florida. I never had the opportunity to meet Dr. Upledger face to face, however his work has had a deep influence on my professional life for almost eighteen years now. He is the founder of Craniosacral Therapy – a hands-on healing approach that entails listening to the body’s natural Craniosacral rhythm and utilizing what one feels to assist with release of restriction and healing. Dr. Upledger served on the Alternative Medicine Program Advisory Council for the Office of Alternative Medicine at the National Institute of Health in Washington D. C. and was named in TIME magazine as one of America’s “Next Wave of Innovators” for his proven applications of Craniosacral Therapy (Upledger Institute International Website posting, Oct 26th, 2012).

He had many other achievements during the course of his life. It was a life that touched many through education, research, writing, speaking and healing touch. I first encountered Dr. Upledger’s work after losing my older brother to a head injury sustained from a fall he took following several hours of epileptic seizures. My family struggled during the course of his experiences to understand and find solutions to epilepsy for him that would improve his quality of life. Losing my brother set me on a personal journey of studying the central nervous system and resulting imbalances that many encounter in a wide range of ways. I have spent years in continuous study and practice of Craniosacral Therapy and didn’t realize until the news of Dr. Upledger’s death reached my email box how deeply this man and his work had claimed space in my own experience. I feel the loss of a creative heart and mind in him that proves to me now how valuable one life can be in the overall picture. While I know that the work he started will continue forward, I will miss him and his presence at the heart of the work dearly. Best wishes on the next leg of your journey Dr. Upledger and thank you for everything.

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